BrowQueen Microblading

BrowQueen Microblading
4401 Ramsey St Ste 106
Fayetteville, NC 28314
United States

Microblading semi-permanent makeup. Military wife owned business to help bring out the beauty within and boost confidence with the magic of microblading. KittyCatkat is a very talented Microblade Technician who is fully licensed, certified and insured. when she first heard of this new technique called microblading to beautify eyebrows, making more natural, and empowering brows for everyone she knew right away it was for her! "I used to ran away whenever my friends visits me at my house because I don't have my powder brows on and I look so Ugly! But now? not Anymore! Big Thank's to MiCROBLADING! this is one of the reason why she studied Microblading School and Decided to put up her own business. I want to make all the women Beautiful when they wake-up in the morning and don't need to hide their face from judgemental world, she added.
It's been her passion to "Make the world more beautiful One brow at a time."
She Always developing, learning, and trying new things, Kitty stays up to date with any new advances in microblading techniques and only uses top of the line products for her clients.